About Lois

Stressed and Overwhelmed?

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Looking for a way to feel better? I have been there. For most of my life I was constantly stressed out, wanting things to be different, but not knowing how.

Maybe you can’t change the work or home situation you are dealing with, but I can help you CHANGE YOUR EMOTIONAL REACTIONS and REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVEL.

Feelings can be UNCOMFORTABLE and FEEL like TOO MUCH. As we work together, you can learn to HONOR and be with your feelings. A LOT CAN CHANGE.

Life is a mix of POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, but you can FEEL LIGHTER, CALMER and HAPPIER again.

Lois Kugler in front of window
Accredited EFT Practitioner

My Story

Hi, I’m Lois Kugler. I spent much of my adult life stressed and anxious. It began in earnest after I finished school and studied finance in college.

I was always stressed and felt it as tension in my shoulders and a knot in my gut. When there was a lot going on and not enough time, I often had tension headaches and stomach aches.

Along the way, I tried many things, but nothing worked for me.

I read various books on thinking positive, but trying to think my way into feeling different didn’t work for me.

Finding EFT Tapping changed everything for me. It’s a technique that lets you release painful emotions in the moment as well as process longstanding issues.

Attending an EFT Tapping conference in 2017, I realized I wanted to deepen my understanding of how to do Tapping. I took my first course with Trainer Jade Barbee and later became certified through EFT International in 2019 with Trainer Betty Moore-Hafter.

Tapping on a regular basis over time and on many different issues, I noticed that I was feeling less stressed and more positive about life.

Being human inherently means interacting with others and that can lead to uncomfortable emotions. But feeling differently is possible – I would love to talk.

Accredited EFT Practitioner