Hi I’m Lois Kugler. I spent much of my adult life feeling stressed and anxious. It began in earnest during college and followed me into my career and family life.

It seemed like I was always stressed and I felt it as tension in my shoulders and a knot in my gut.

Along the way, I tried all kinds of things in an attempt to feel better, but nothing worked.

I read various books on thinking positive, but trying think my way into feeling more positive didn’t work for me.

Finding EFT Tapping changed everything for me.

By tapping on what was bothering me, I was able to lower my emotional distress in the moment and feel better.

Sometimes people say tapping doesn’t work for them and I have had that experience too. But I found that just like any other skill, EFT Tapping takes practice.

Tapping on a regular basis over time and tapping on many different issues, I noticed that I was feeling less stressed and more positive about life.

In EFT Tapping, I have found a technique to release painful emotions in the moment as well as a technique to process longstanding issues.

Being human inherently means interacting with others and that can lead to uncomfortable emotions.

Now I can truly say that I have a process that helps me feel better and that can help you feel better too. I would love to teach you about Tapping and how to use this amazing tool for yourself. You can reach me via my contact page.

Accredited EFT Practitioner