EFT Tapping – How to Tap

When people first come to EFT tapping, they often question whether they are doing it right.The following is an outline to help you structure your tapping.

1. Select an issue that you want to address.

Think of a phrase that sums up the issue.

“The thought of the meeting with my boss fills me with fear”

2. Rate the intensity of the issue, emotion, or pain on a scale from 1-10.

3. Do the Tapping setup

Tap on the Side of Hand (SH), saying a setup statement where you first say the problem and then a statement of acceptance:

“Even though the thought of the meeting with my boss fills me with fear, I accept how I feel.”

Tap on the side of your hand while you are saying the phrase three times.

Sometimes people have trouble accepting themselves and how they feel. So, I offer other acceptance phrases such as “that’s how it is right now” or “I honor how it is for me” or also “I’m okay.”

4.  Then tap through the Tapping Points.

 Tap on each point lightly, 7-8 times while focusing on the issue and saying a phrase that sums up the issue.

Such as “This fear about the meeting with my boss.”

You may also notice that you feel the upset somewhere in your body, such as “a knot in my gut.” If so, also say that when tapping on the points:

First, the Top of the Head (center of the head)

Then, Eyebrow (at the center, beginning of the brow)

Next, the Side of the Eye (outer end of the eye brow on the bone)

And, Under the eye (center of bone)

Then, Under the nose (in the center)

And, the Chin (in the center)

Next, the Collar bone (start at the indentation at the base of the neck, move down about 1 inch and then to the indentation on either side – this is the spot)

And finally, Under the arm (about a hands length below the armpit)

(Some people do the Top of the Head last – either is fine)

5. Check in and Measure

Notice how you feel now.

How is the intensity on the issue now? Has it changed?

Sometimes things don’t shift quickly – be patient with yourself and persistent.

Did any new thoughts come to you? 

No matter how inconsequential it seems – a new thought about the issue is a clue as to what this is actually about.

If something new came up for you and it feels more accurate, create a new phrase about the issue and tap on this.

6.  Refocus and Repeat

With what you have noticed, keep repeating the tapping process until the intensity is zero.

Tapping is a skill that takes practice – just like any new skill such as play the piano. When I first started using tapping, I didn’t know what I was doing and the intensity didn’t drop for me.

If you are tapping and the intensity isn’t changing, most likely you are not tapping on the true issue. This is super IMPORTANT.  Sometimes, we don’t notice the piece of something that is truly upsetting us. This takes patience and noticing any thought or intuition that comes to you – this could be the real issue.

Do reach out with any questions and for assistance – I would love to help.