EFT Tapping for procrastination - image is of a lady sitting at a desk with laptop and a mug of coffee thinking

We have all been in that situation where we have this “great idea” and have been very excited about it.

Sometimes we follow through and turn that idea into something amazing. But all too often our ideas fizzle out. And after some time, we notice, “I didn’t finish that” or “that didn’t go anywhere.”

One client reached out to me because she had spent a year working on one such “great idea” and she was contemplating whether she was procrastinating.

This is such a terrific example of a situation where EFT Tapping can assist you in gaining clarity about something.

When someone comes to me with an issue and simply isn’t sure what piece of the issue is the main thing or core piece. I always begin with a round of general tapping. That initial round is about total acceptance of the fact that the person doesn’t know.

As humans we put incredible pressure on ourselves to know. Pressure to know what we want and know how to get there, but maybe all that pressure isn’t helping.

After the initial round of tapping, this client noticed a part of her that said, “You always have these great ideas and nothing ever comes of them.” This felt very true and very heavy for her. So those words guided the next few rounds of tapping on how heavy it felt that nothing ever came of her great ideas.

In the thick of it, when we notice what we are feeling, tapping assists us in simply accepting where we are and then new insights can come.

After a few rounds, this client remembered an idea for a possible next step she had had a couple of months ago. She had completely forgotten about it – tapping had released some of her feelings about not knowing how to proceed.

She reported that the tapping helped her realize that it was good that she had waited because now she felt clear and confident about the next step forward.

Tapping can do that. It can help us recognize negative feelings that are preventing us from moving forward, process them and then get clarity on our next steps.