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Very often people notice themselves getting upset and try to shrug it off or just let it go. This is actual a way of avoiding feeling our emotions.

The result is FEELING the same emotions over and over in similar situations.

If you don’t have actual resources to make changes – nothing does. Learning to tap for yourself empowers you to help yourself.

With understanding and acceptance comes the ability to release troubling emotions and move forward feeling lighter and happier.

I am here to help you understand how this works. In our sessions, I hold space for you in total acceptance of what is going on for you.

I assist you in being present with what you are noticing so you are able to tune in to your intuition and find a deeper understanding of your issue.

An integral part of working with me is learning to use this valuable tool for yourself. I have gained so much from being able to help myself with EFT Tapping and I want to empower you to do the same.

Reach out to me with any questions via my contact page. Or we can talk about any questions that you have in a free 20 minute consultation. I would love to assist you.

Individual sessions are 60 minutes long ($90) and include email follow-up to guide you with using Tapping for yourself. I am currently offering sessions at a reduced rate of $60 as we navigate the COVID 19 pandemic.

Working together can lead to noticeable results as you understand the process and receive guidance in using Tapping for yourself.

Internet sessions are through Skype or Zoom and I see clients in person in Brookfield, CT (As of March 2020, all sessions are virtual).

My intent is to assist you where you are and help you process your emotions in a new way so that you can feel better. I am here to help and share this approach that has truly transformed my life.


Please keep in mind that my appointment times are valuable. If you find you have to cancel or reschedule our session, please give me as much notice as you can – either by phone or email.


Our sessions are personal and confidential. Anything you tell me is kept private and is strictly between us. Keep in mind, EFT Tapping is extremely flexible and EFT can still help even if there are personal things you do not want to discuss.

Privacy Policy

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